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Would you like to teach?
Our Enrichment program is growing and we are offering the opportunity for you to display new skills and hobbies with enrichment students. We are thinking ahead to our Spring Semester already!

If you have a special skill or hobby that you would like to share with others and you love people, we would like to talk to you.  Windsor Locks Adult Education seeks knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors for a wide variety of enrichment course offerings.

A teaching certificate is not required for enrichment classes.
Windsor Locks Adult Education provides a wide variety of enrichment classes during fall and spring semesters each year at Windsor Locks High School.

We are looking for anyone with a special hobby or skill. Some of the things our residents have showed interest in are:

Art (Painting, jewelry making, sign making, etc.) 


Health and Wellness                                                       

Foreign Language                                                            

Sports (golf, Water Aerobics, etc.)          

Computers (Excel teacher needed!)

Music (guitar)         

And so much more!!                                                                                                    

If you are interested in teaching an enrichment course, please contact us at  860-292-5712

or take a look under our “Opportunities” tab.

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